Saturday, 28 June 2008

I want you to stay and I guess I could give you a line

Today I went to Oxford. Since I started my obsession with everything British at the age of 14, I've wanted to go to uni there. I almost applied to the MA in Classics there, but I changed my emphasis in history to Holocaust, so that kind of went out the window... But it was nice to see the city and university of a place where I once wanted to study. And it was nice to see another British city. I've only been to like, five of them and train stations in two other cities. How sad is that? I've been in England for eight months and I've barely travelled. Yes, money and time has a lot to do with that conundrum, but I should have travelled more. I should have done more British things in general anyway.

So, with less than two weeks left to go, I have made a list of things I need to do before I leave.

Things to do Before I Leave:
1) Have a roast dinner
2) Go to Chatsworth House in the Peak District
3) Participate in a pub quiz (which I'm doing on Monday!)
4) See a local band live
5) Go to the coast
6) Have fish and chips (I've only had chips...)
7) Travel to Scotland
8) Track down Alex Turner! (lead singer of Sheffield hereos, Arctic Monkeys)
9) See a castle
10) See more of London
11) Go to Manchester and Leeds - properly!
12) Have a traditional British pudding
13) Have high tea
14) Go to Sherwood Forest
15) Flirt with more nice British boys. Met some cool ones recently, but they're all taken. So basically, I need to do some more harmless flirting. Gotta get back in the game before I go back to the US, yeah? (even though I do not want a US boyfriend! gross)

There are more things I need to do before I leave, but I cannot think of them. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.