Thursday, 19 May 2011

Colbert Report

I have found a new love and appreciation for The Colbert Report. And that's pronounced 'ra-por', by the way. Classy, right? I think his show is better than Stewart's Daily Show. Despite the fact Colbert is supposed to be playing a "conservative" character. According to research (props to Dr LaMar of University of Michigan, I believe), college students that identify with conservative political belief are the most likely to believe Colbert is conservative. I think liberals know he's lying, so that's why they (also meaning me) like him. Or maybe it's because those who are liberal always laugh at anything conservative based... (Note to self, maybe research this some day?)

Anyway, I love this guy. His show is hilarious. He does make fun of conservatives. He made fun of Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois and his "summer of fitness" promoted in Men's Health Magazine. As Colbert said, it'll help people get in shape, but by September, we'll all become "alfredo sauce" again. WAY TO GO! Haha. Like a summer of fitness will stop anyone from having health issues. (Or needing Medicare/Medicaid - IDIOT) It's called eating right and getting regular check-ups, too. Which some people need state-funded health care in order to do that. I think Rep. Schock just wanted an excuse to show off his six-pack abs. It is almost campaign season again, after all.

Anyway, this dude... He's just... Okay, watch Colbert's interview with Aaron Schock a few years back, oh my god. SO FUNNY. It's like this dude has never heard of Colbert before. He knows something of Colbert (I'm sure his college buddy that serves on his crew told him), but still, is SO unaware of what/who he is. Perhaps he's one of the college students who said they believed Colbert was conservative...

Anyway, it was so so funny. I have to share it.

(the interview starts at 1.50)

He's the youngest member of the current Congress and SO CLUELESS. So clueless as to Colbert, his reasoning, etc. (Also, he's clueless on the fact the Constitution doesn't support life. NOPE. It does support right to bear arms, which is probably the only correct thing he can list from the TEN AMENDMENTS. Which is not the Constitution. Which I feel the Second Amendment has been taken out of context in the modern times. But that's another story for another time.)

Now, when I become the youngest member in the House, I will be READY for Colbert. Unlike this chump. Who does have nice abs, for a Republican, by the way.

I have decided I will a) laugh, b) smile, c) be sarcastic and not at all serious (uhhh when am I anyway?), and d) ask for a hug at the end of the interview. I will show Colbert that I am not afraid of his interviews. Which are meant to confound people. I will be ready for him. And actually, the idea of being interviewed by Colbert because I'm the next youngest member of the House makes me excited to start my campaign.

So, if it's true Washington is being appropriated a new Congressional District, say hello to your 2012 Democratic candidate. BOO YA.

Actually, no, I know I should start at state level. Which I'll do that after I get my next MA. Or PhD. School is still so important to me. But, with a MA/PhD in Communication and focus on political comedy and voter behavior, I will be the smartest and the wittiest of the candidates! All interviewers will bow down to me! I will turn the interviewer into the interviewee! Oh yeah, you heard it here first. (She says sarcastically... So, no, you can't quote me on this later. I will sue for libel if you do.)

Le sigh, it's good to be a journalist and almost-political communicationist. (I just made that up. COPYRIGHT! Haha)

Anway, I will be ready for Colbert. And I will brush up on all his work so I will be PRA-PARED. Like Ross and his uniagi. Or Rachel and her salmon skin roll. It's gonna be, in the words of Draco Malfoy, totally awesome.

(Draco Malfoy as played by Lauren Lopez in 'A Very Potter Musical', that is... Here is the Youtube video. Educate yourself!:

*Song starts at 3.42, says "totally awesome" few seconds later. It's well, totally awesome!*)

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