Tuesday, 22 April 2008

M&Ms and Goldfish

(Are the two things I'm eating right now--at 1.30 in the morning. Ye-ah, I'm gonna gain weight if I keep eating as much junk food as I am now)


I can't sleep. I was inspired by my lil sis to make a list of things that are happening/have happened here in Sheffield.

1. I didn't go on the London trip with my course and broadcast today. Am I a bad student? No. I'm a smart student for staying behind. (Plus if I have to see another hostel ever again in my life, I will hurl)

2. I'm features editor of the electoral magazine my course is doing in honour of the upcoming local election. It's going to f-ing rock. And the course is lucky I stayed back because otherwise, this magazine wouldn't reach the catalyst level of awesome it's meant to reach.

2b. This sounds snotty--but I'm SO GLAD I'm feature editor because let's face, it'll look FANTASTIC on my CV. I want to be a current affairs magazine journalist anyway. (And I'm uber organized and totally freaking awesome so uh, yeah. This magazine is going to look beauty-ful!)

3. I changed my return plane ticket from 25 August to 11 July. I'm going home in July now. I have about two months and one week to go until I leave. I am super super sad. I <3 Sheffield so much. The city doesn't have TONS to offer, but it's offered me a lot of good times as it is. I met some friends-for-life here, had great laughs and times with my mates, and seen some good concerts. What more can a girl ask for in life? Maybe a MA course worth giving a shit about would be good...

4. I wrote an AWFUL essay this past weekend. I'm proud that I got it done in a weekend, but really, it could have been better. Maybe if the essay prompt hadn't been written so horribly or been so broad, I could have done a better job!

5. I saw We Are Scientists au concert last Thursday. Blew off an entire day of research so I could get ready for the show. I haven't properly gotten ready for a concert in ages. It was brilliant. I loved every second of the show. And, since I left my hair curly, it didn't look like shit when I got out of the concert! I was quite chuffed. Sure, I looked cute for no one but it made me happy to look presentable (and very British like! woo hoo!) for once.

6. I did a proper interview last Friday with Gemma--nanner nanner boo boo! (Whose an awesome journalist now? OH I think I AM!)

7. When your friend asks you "so do you like my brother?" WHILE sitting in her dining room, studying, knowing her brother is going to come home from work soon--it's OKAY TO PANIC. Which is what I did, last Friday. Except I gave a panic-ed answer. Stupid, stupid, stupid. *Note to self: fix this in the near future*

8. I'm going to apply for lots and lots of jobs this week as I enjoy my break away from my course mates.

9. I'm going to cut my hair soon. Between this week and two weeks from now. I might go in to a salon (don't know which one yet--there are like, a GAZILLION of them down my street) and just say "give me the coolest style possible" and see what happens.

10. It's a bank holiday on 5 May. My first UK bank holiday! Oh I have to tell my parents I love them on that day. I told them I only love them on Tuesdays and bank holidays. (For those of you who don't know, the 'Tuesdays and bank holiday' thing is a line from Lilo and Stitch)

11. Last but not least--I passed Law and Magazine from last term! I found out last week. Yeah, four months after I turned in stuff but, whatever. I passed!

Heeeeyy whadda ya know! I'm sleepy now. Bon soir! Gute Nacht!

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