Thursday, 9 April 2009

Holy shnikes!

It's been so long since I've written on this blog. So many ideas have flown through my head over the past few months on what I could write on here, but I never make it to the computer to do so. Yes, I'm lazy. But I need to act on my inspiration as I feel that I am becoming well, stupid.

I was discussing the idiocy that is Hitler and his book Mein Kampf with my sister tonight and I found that all the words I used to throw in those types of conversations have evaded me. I am the Holocaust history buff. I wrote a 30 page thesis on the local coverage of the Holocaust in three regions of the U.S. and compared the coverage to local isolationism sentiment to rate how much people in each area really knew about the European atrocities being committed by the hands of the Nazis during my senior year of undergrad, for cheese sake. (WHEW try saying that five times fast) If I can't bring in simple words related to my historical topic of choice, then it clearly means I'm becoming stupider with each passing day.

Sure, I read books, magazines and newspapers. I watch the news every night. (local news - agh, quelle horreur) I read the news on my iPhone and on my favourite pages several times a day. I watch TV shows that are entertaining and interesting. Yet, I feel stupider today than I did nine months ago. Maybe it's because I started watching 'Dancing With the Stars?' this season. That mush just might be attributing to my lowering IQ. You never know.

Or maybe it's the fact that I live in a boring suburb and am surrounded by nothing but a few commercial buildings, lots of housing communities, and SUVs driven by angry military wives? NAAAAHHH! (ahem, YES)

Yes, I live in a Washington suburb that is near two (count 'em, TWO) military bases but that surely must not have anything to do with the fact that life out here SUCKS. Nothing but houses. Sleeper communities, as they used to say. (don't know who exactly used to say that phrase, though) AGH need to be near life! A bar! Concert halls! Friends! Intellectual conversations and beings! Seattle has that, sure, but it's so far away! Damn. It.

In conclusion, I need to write more. Because clearly I have gone insane by not doing so.

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