Monday, 27 July 2009

I know that evidence is going to suggest that I will let you down

I. Hate. Boys. Frustrating, infuriating boys! 20-year-olds "knowitalls". HA! Wankers. No one ever, ever, ever gets away with dissing my MA. Ever. And no one ever gets away with dissing UK! What an idiot.

I haven't let a guy wind me up like this in a while. And no, I do not have any sort of crush on the guy in question. Sure I thought he was all right looking when I met him, but really. He's a wanker. It may be fun to talk to him and I know he's never serious; however, he really gets on my nerves. He knows how to push my buttons. And I hate that. Hate it. I always win. I'm always right! My defense mode is excellent by now. Somehow he's made it past the shield. Dammit.

Okay, so I do make fun of him for his attempts at getting with girls. (I tell him he'll never be able to get with a girl) And I make fun of his hair. He had Jim hair and then buzzed it all off. Now he looks like a potato with a bit of fuzz on top. No girl is going to go for that. Sorry. Hahahaha.

Maybe he's getting back at me for being so mean... Nah. He's just a tosser! Plain and simple.

I think the biggest thing here is the fact he's 20 and immature. I've met two 20-year-olds, one 19-year-old, and one 18-year-old guy over the past few weeks and it's amazing that I even talk to them. They're a lot younger than me. And a lot more immature. Way more immature than the 24-year-old guys I know now. I think when guys start reaching the 25-year-old range they start calming down. But these guys have years to go. Years. And I don't know if I can talk to them much longer knowing they have years to go until they reach the calming down age range.

I was once 20 and I remember how boys were then. They were very frustrating, but I think I handled it a heck of a lot better then than I do now. Now, I try to outsmart them. And it's kind of hard to with these guys because they're pretty educated. I had an argument with one of my 20-year-old guy friends about LBJ and his Great Society. Any guy I knew when I was 20 wouldn't have been able to argue that with me about that. So these youngins I know now are a bit smarter than the 20-year-olds I knew four years ago. Maybe that's why they're more impossible to deal with!

I hate it when people - especially young boys - question my knowledge. And argue with me. I already argue enough with the most immature person on the planet (my dad) on a daily basis; so I don't need to be arguing with some full-of-shit 20-year-old bloke on top of that.

Whhyyyyy. Why me. Stupid boys. Stupid, stupid boys. Stupid for thinking you're all smart even though you still have so much more to learn. (Which I know we all have more to learn in life, but they're four years behind!) And they're stupid for just being a boy. I already thought boys were stupid because they operate in stupid ways. Stupid with their drunk text messages filled with weird sayings and being all secretive. Stupid with the way they seem interested, but then they're not interested. (And sometimes its because they're f-ing taken. What is that all about?!) Stupid with the fact they always have to f-ing flirt. (Because you don't!) Stupid with thinking girls are more difficult to figure out then they are. (HA boys are way harder to figure out) Stupid! And toss on the 'smarter than thou' symptom and you've got a real mess. A recipe for pissing me off big time!

AGH. This is why I don't talk to younger people and/or boys. They just piss me off. That's it. After my OFA stint, no more talking to younger guys. They're just full of it.

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