Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Kennedys and my family

Today while I was waiting for the Caroline Kennedy book signing, I realized my family has paralleled the Kennedys' for three generations.

Generation One: Grandma saw Bobby Kennedy speak in Oregon.

Generation Two: Uncle, son of grandma, also saw Bobby Kennedy speak.

Generation Three: Grandchildren meet Caroline Kennedy.

There could have been four generations because my Great-Grandpa attended a Inauguration Ball (for being an outstanding Democrat and union man) in the 1960s, but it turns out it was LBJ's Ball. Not Kennedy's. But he attended the 1964 ball, which could have been Kennedy's if he hadn't died. And LBJ's ball wouldn't have happened in 1964 if it wasn't for Kennedy dying. So... Kind of a fourth generation exposure to the Kennedys - yes?

I love politics. And famous people. And paralleling. Paralleling is a good word too.

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