Sunday, 17 April 2011

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

I'm staying with my sisters right now and they have my evil cat Rory. She can be cute and is very hyper/playful, but randomly attacks me, so evil. She's also evil in the sense she's a terrible playmate. She was SO MEAN to my beloved cat Sassy (a few days before Sassy passed, Rory jumped on top of her and pinned her down - I swear she was trying to smother her. See - EVIL), she's tortured my dad's cat Tiggy (who is twice her size) so much to the point she wouldn't leave my dad's room, and fought like a crazy alley cat with my mom's cat Missy. Missy was the only one who could handle her. She'd beat the crap out of Rory. She would just stare down Rory, which would cause Rory to start chattering and looking all crazy like she wanted revenge, then she'd high tail it and run away from Missy. Missy always got the last word in with Rory.

Now Rory is an only cat since she left my parents' house. Since we no longer have Sassy with us, she's definitely alone. She has never been the only cat. And despite being so very evil, she likes being around other cats. She just won't admit it.

By the way, if Rory was Stitch from 'Lilo and Stitch', her badness level would look like this:

That badness level has not changed. Even though she's been by herself since September of last year and has two to three people paying attention to her at all times.

Now, my little sister wants to get another cat. We've been contemplating if it would be a good idea for this to happen for the past few months. Believe it or not, Rory gets really sad when she's left for the day. She HATES being alone. She's a very contradictory cat. So maybe another cat would be a good idea for her. One that is younger than her (she's 6 years old at time of press) and can keep up with her. And possibly, a boy. She seems to hate her fellow girls, or something.

The more we've been contemplating adding another cat to the household, the closer it comes to being true. My little sister was looking through the Seattle Humane Society website at the cats available for adoption and she found a cat she really would like to meet called Joey.

Joey is an alley cat who was brought in by a good samaritan. He had an eye condition and the vet clinic at the Humane Society had to preform surgery on him to ensure his eyelashes, which were curled in, wouldn't scratch his eyes. Just looking at this little boy makes me want to cry and hug him. He is such a trooper.

I would love to add him to the household. He's younger, so he could keep up with Rory. He likes to fetch and catch, just like Rory. He's like a male version of Rory, but sounds a little nicer. He requires a lot of care though because he needs eye drops a few times a day. But that's okay. The problem is, is he's a cat. And I'm afraid of what Rory will do to him.

Joey is an alley cat like Rory, so he can take care of himself. Maybe that'll help them get along. Rory is settled as head of my sisters' household, so may that'll help too. Rory is also older than Joey, which is good. It'll make her feel even more like head of the household if she knows she's older. All these things should mean Joey would be a welcomed (and maybe ignored by Rory) addition to the household.

Yet I can't help but fear her being evil. I mean, you see how bad she is, per the Stitch drawing. That is an accurate portrayal of Rory. No joke. Obviously, this level of evilness worries me. If a new cat joins the house, I'm afraid she'll get jealous and act out terribly again like she did when at my parents' house. She has calmed down a little since being on her own. She purrs now (she never used to) and is more cuddly. As I write this, she is sitting next to me on the couch. Before, she'd only sit by me if I was asleep. She's come a good long way from where she used to be, but still. She worries me. And any cat that is welcomed into the household needs to be able to take her on. I'm sure Joey could give her a run for her money, but I still fear for him. Or any cat my little sister might adopt while living in the same house as Rory.

I don't want a sweet cat like Joey to suffer at the paws of Rory. He's been through enough already. But, he needs a home. We're more than capable of helping Abby provide a home for Joey. He looks so cute and he needs love. (So does every cat at the Humane Society... I want to take care of all of them!) He needs to roam outside of his cat cage at the Humane Society. But is roaming at our house a good idea for him? Especially with evil Rory around? I don't know. I just don't know.

I already feel terribly guilty for what Rory did to Sassy. And what she did to Tiggy. And what she did to Missy. I can't love her as much as I love my other cats because of what she's done. I love her as much as I can. I don't want to feel more guilt and lose more respect for her if we allow Joey to coincide with her and she beats him up all the time. I couldn't live with myself if she did that. It's not fair. I just don't know what to do. Or what to feel about this situation. This is tough. And I feel like a terrible pet parent because I can't control Rory.

What should I do? Give Joey a chance? Or shelter Rory from other cats? I want to give a loving home to another cat, but I also want to protect them from Rory. I want Rory to be comfortable, but I don't want her to be alone. This is so confusing. I know in the end, I won't make the decision about Joey. Abby will. Which is what's right. But I still don't know how I should feel about this.


  1. Aw, Rory's evil level is pretty high! It's tough being a pet-parent to an evil cat, but don't be so hard on yourself! You took Rory in no questions asked, and have taken care of her ever since. You gave her a good home, good food and love. That's all a cat really needs. I'm sure if you introduce Joey and Rory slowly, maybe even keep them separated for a few weeks (if Abby decides to get him)she won't be so mean. But, cats do fight. Buddy attacks Chloe, Maggie attacks Chloe and I hate it! They chase her around the house all the time. But Chloe smacks them on the head and lets them know what's up. There's never been any blood shed or evidence of fighting on them, so it's OK. They have to fight for dominence, and they are moody.Chloe is the moodiest cat of all. She love us people and lets us do anything to her without hissing or biting, but Buddy and Maggie are a different story.Sometime you have to let them work it out, unless someone gets hurt. There are products out there to help cats relax. You can get a diffuser (I think that's the right name?) or anti-stress spray or just lots and lots of catnip lol. I think Rory will be OK, she's been around other cats before, and you're right, I think she needs someone. She's getting older, so hopefully that means she's mellowing out. I hope your cat troubles work out! =)

  2. Thanks, Kerri. I hope we can make it work. I think Abby and I are going to go to the Humane Society on Wednesday. Tomorrow we're going to clean up the house in case she does adopt Joey. He's just too cute. He needs a home now. I just hope Rory isn't as mean to him as she was to our other cats. Cats do fight, that's true, but Rory is an EVIL fighter. She doesn't fight fair. I wish she fought fair. Missy was quite the fighter when we took her in, but she fought fair. I don't know, I guess we'll have to see.

  3. i know what you mean by not fighting fair, that stinks! Let me know what happens! =)